Seasonal Pool Opening in New Braunfels and Surrounding Areas.

Luxury Pool Deck Installation in New BraunfelsCayman Blue Pool Services is your best friend when the warm summer days start heading your way! Leave the heavy lifting and the dirty work to us. Whether your pool was professionally closed, you took it upon yourself, or you inherited a closed pool, we are here to help you get that pool in tip-top shape for summer.  We will have your pool in top condition just in time for your first swim. 

How We Can Help!

Below is the list of services provided when we open your pool for the summer:


  • Remove and fold cover
  • Remove winter and freeze plugs
  • Re-installing drain plugs on pool equipment
  • Re-installing handrails and ladders
  • skimming surface, scrubbing walls and vacuuming
  • Lubricate multiport valve and pump lid O-ring
  • Prime and start pump
  • Test and balance alkalinity and pH
  • Shock and sanitize